TOP-5 biggest world lotteries

Do you want to play world lotteries online? See an overview of the largest and most cash ones. These global lotteries have made happy thousands of people worldwide. Do you want to become a millionaire, too? Then play the European and American lotteries, and win big jackpots.

5th place – the Italian lottery SuperEnaLotto is considered to be the most successful and beloved lottery in Europe. It’s easy to win much money with SuperEnaLotto!

4th place – the EuroMillions is lottery European – Euromillions and her daughter – British lottery. They give a huge jackpot and don’t skimp on the secondary prizes. Play European lottery and win Euro!

3rd place – the same millions, just American. This lottery is called MegaMillions because it has Mega jackpots. It’s really MEGA Lottery with MEGA jackpots. It’s easy for playing and winning a lot of money.

2nd place –  the biggest lottery in Brazil. There were 656 million dollars the largest jackpot. All world play Lottery Mega Sena online. You also can do it right now!

1st place and the status of the most ambitious and generous lottery takes PowerBall. Jackpots in PowerBall have no boundaries. They increase to indefinitely until one lucky person will win these billions. It happened in 2016 when the jackpot was amount to 1.56 billion dollars.

Play and win! Become a favorite of fate!


How numerology helps to win a lottery

нумерологияNumerology – is such a wonderful science, which studies not that numbers, but rather their vibrations and interaction with each other. This treatment opens wide opportunities for using numerology. Specialists suppose, that numbers are always connected and their combinations define happening on a planet at any moment of our existence. That is why winning combinations are hard to identify: every moment is a new opportunity, that appear and disappear, present and future are influenced by new numbers.


What is for a huddle of the numerology and a lottery?

Which lucky numbers do we usually use the lottery? What are usually chosen lucky numbers in the lottery? These can be important for us dates, insurance numbers or our lucky junction of numbers. Why do we put on them? We trivially remember them better than other ones. However, sometimes there are so many significant numbers and a huge amount of attempts to win that person decides to choose random and…wins.

How could it be explained?

For sure, you may accuse a fate or a personal luckiness. What would happen if everyone will start to choose numbers randomly? The correct answer is “nothing”, – because we know that nothing happens by accident. Moreover, if you think that you pick numbers arbitrarily, in fact, they lodged in your brains and surfaced exactly in that moment. Pay attention on surrounding signs –cars and bus tickets numbers, significant numbers of this day. These numbers vibrations are increased because they fall into your sight, memorized and chosen as lottery numbers.


How to win the lottery with the help of numerology?

Here is a tiny and old lifehack: buy your lucky lottery ticket with a date of birth or use the date of the day. Tomorrow your lucky numbers will be another. Find them today, even if it may sounds tritely. The same vibration rules work for this case. American numerologists have proved positive results of such tactic. On September 11, 2001, when New-York was shocked, people, who played in a local lottery and put on 9 and 11 won a good amount of money. Why? The reason is an increased vibration of these particular numbers.

There are some tips to bring luck on your side.

Pay close attention to the number 8. It is responsible for a financial part of life. As well as for reliability – because the number 8 is a symbol of the infinity and simultaneously it is a double square. Multiplicity influences on the probability of dropping this number too. That is why 2, 4, 8 are believed to be the luckiest numbers in numerology.


What are a versatile numerological formula and its impact on the winning numbers?

How to find out your lucky numbers for the most important game in the lottery?

Unfortunately, if it was real, everywhere would be loads of winners and jackpots would not reach even one hundred dollars. Thus, the magic of numbers should be combined with other strategies.

Firstly, relax and let go your passionate desire to win. Fortune doesn’t like overkill. Take it easy.

Secondly, keep an eye on statistics and fill the most often drop-down numbers in your ticket. These statistics are presented on many web-pages, that sell lottery tickets, for example,  . It is easy to play the lottery when you see other players’ experience. There are rare drop-down numbers. Would you choose them? Exactly. no.

Thirdly, concrete a target – to win immediately the jackpot or to gain a small sum of money without any risk. Secondary prizes are also quite big totals; moreover, there are lotteries, in which it is easier to guess 1-2 balls and get a modest, but still a pleasant gain.


Follow up above-mentioned conditions and adopt the numerology.

Find out your today’s lucky numbers on  – and if the fortune will try slips away, the magic winning numbers will surely help to get her back!

Donald Trump has offered the White House to create an anti-terrorist lottery


If a lottery will transfer 1 cent from every ticket to a national security budget, we would have perfect spies and still have money to spare.

Donald Trump continues to share his idea about National defense. He hopes to get the support of an American people.Trump suggested the White House to strengthen its spy-ring. Trump said that the USA have no professional spies who could struggle against terrorism. He proposed to create “National Security Lottery”, the same big as a PowerBall and get money from it.

“Imagine for a moment, if one cent from every lottery ticket will transfer to national defense? Reasons to buy a ticket would be a lot more, do you agree? “- Donald Trump told. He calls this project the “National Defense Lottery”, and he believes that the profit from a selling of lottery tickets could finance anti-terrorism campaign and it would be a good investment.

Remind that US presidential elections are scheduled for 8 November 2016. Drawings of national American PowerBall lottery is held every Thursdays and Sundays 14:00 AEDT. You can buy PowerBall lottery tickets via online service Today, the jackpot is $ 153 million, and about 5 million will be divided among people who guessed 2-3 or more numbers.

The winner of the lottery POWERBALL has not yet been found.

jackpotA lucky woman won the tidy sum of $ 429 million 7 May drawing, has been announced. But the lottery is still searching for the owner ⅕ billion (February drawing). How was it been?

As you may recall, a record sum in the history of the lottery PowerBall of one and a half billion was divided into three parts, three holder winning tickets. Then the whole of America and the whole world held their breath – because such a large prize no one can even imagine visually represent. Is that on the cartoon of Scrooge when he dived into the ocean of his gold coins. So even dividing the jackpot, the winners were not disappointed, on the sums of 500 million made they very happy. But what is the third millionaire?

“Some of the winners aren’t announced at once, preferring incognito to hire lawyers and financial advisors before receiving the cash. But 4 months no one has been, – says spokesman of the lottery Alex Traverso. – If I was a winning lottery ticket PowerBall in the back pocket,  it is unlikely that I would have the patience to know and especially to wait. Most likely the winner is not aware that became a millionaire, and he may even play the world lottery. ”

As you know, a year after winning, if no one claims the prize, the money will automatically go to charity. So the lucky man still to recover 8 months. Seller shop where lucky lottery ticket was purchased, reminds each customer how to draw those examined results in their tickets. And all the TV channels are  regularly reminded of this.

Looking at this situation, it is possible to appreciate the advantages of the online lottery ticket. When you buy a lottery online, scanned copies of the ticket comes to your mail  for the day and displayed in your account. You are sure you don’t lose or forget your lucky numbers. But even then the SMS notification on your mobile phone remind you of the results of lottery draws online.

Play the American and European, Australian and British lottery online – without leaving the room. Win large sums and don’t forget to take away your money!

Woman with cancer won two jackpots

Mistika-loterei-hotite-verte-hotite-net_1-625x350They told that you ought to purchase though one lottery ticket in the unlucky day in order to fortune will help, and a balance will be

restored. But if you ill with cancer, any day is unhappy. Or not?  A woman from N. Carolina fighting with mammary cancer 6 years. And one day she won a jackpot twice.

There was a shock after a first win, Gina couldn’t believe it. And two months later she told her husband to take one lottery ticket again. The woman said that she had a good mood and felt “luck”. True, she didn’t think so much.

The second big jackpot that she won was  250 000 dollars. It was such a complete suddenness. “We cannot, cannot believe it!” – says Gina.

Gina learned about the first win in the office, the lottery officially surprised to her. For the second time, she watched the broadcast  and checked her ticket 6 times, because they did not believe her unbelievable luck.

Miracles happen, we must to believe and try, believe and play the global lottery with