The winner of the lottery POWERBALL has not yet been found.

jackpotA lucky woman won the tidy sum of $ 429 million 7 May drawing, has been announced. But the lottery is still searching for the owner ⅕ billion (February drawing). How was it been?

As you may recall, a record sum in the history of the lottery PowerBall of one and a half billion was divided into three parts, three holder winning tickets. Then the whole of America and the whole world held their breath – because such a large prize no one can even imagine visually represent. Is that on the cartoon of Scrooge when he dived into the ocean of his gold coins. So even dividing the jackpot, the winners were not disappointed, on the sums of 500 million made they very happy. But what is the third millionaire?

“Some of the winners aren’t announced at once, preferring incognito to hire lawyers and financial advisors before receiving the cash. But 4 months no one has been, – says spokesman of the lottery Alex Traverso. – If I was a winning lottery ticket PowerBall in the back pocket,  it is unlikely that I would have the patience to know and especially to wait. Most likely the winner is not aware that became a millionaire, and he may even play the world lottery. ”

As you know, a year after winning, if no one claims the prize, the money will automatically go to charity. So the lucky man still to recover 8 months. Seller shop where lucky lottery ticket was purchased, reminds each customer how to draw those examined results in their tickets. And all the TV channels are  regularly reminded of this.

Looking at this situation, it is possible to appreciate the advantages of the online lottery ticket. When you buy a lottery online, scanned copies of the ticket comes to your mail  for the day and displayed in your account. You are sure you don’t lose or forget your lucky numbers. But even then the SMS notification on your mobile phone remind you of the results of lottery draws online.

Play the American and European, Australian and British lottery online – without leaving the room. Win large sums and don’t forget to take away your money!


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