$500,000 and 150 women during 18 month

Matt Myles, 29 years old, spent a half of his jackpot for partying, traveling and brand clothes. During 18 month he had 150 girlfriends. Some of them didn’t know that Matt was a millionaire. Unbelievable!


If you think it’s a perfect adventure, you are wrong because there is the flip side. After a year and a half Matt would return to his previous lifestyle without money because he would blow his jackpot. His mother Vivien stopped him. She said, “If you don’t stop, you will be one who loses it all!” Some millionaires carelessly spend their money and at the end of the day, they’re left with nothing.

Matt decided to find the best way to invest his money. If he gets lucky, it will be the best example how to spend a lottery jackpot. Last year Matt enjoyed his life. He spent time with beautiful women, organized party with friends in the most luxurious places and was happy.

Yes, he has spent a half of his jackpot, but now Matt knows exactly how to be a proper winner!

Good luck, Matt!


Jackpot winner built a fire station in your city

Mark Hill, who scooped $200 million in a PowerBall, donated to building a fire station in Camden (Missouri).

Lottery-Winner-Builds-Fire-Station-screenshot-KMBC-e1468913980448The man from Missouri tried his luck and hit the $200-million jackpot in cash. Mark adopted children, spent some money on a new house and went to traveling. But after he had returned home, he decides to help in building new fire point.

Mark told he was eager to help because firefighters saved his father’s life twice.

“My wife and me have always dreamt to help the city, but we wanted to keep away from the public eye,” Mark said. “I want to thank those brave men, and now that I have some means I can do so.”

The station has already been finished. The official opening is planned for the next month.