TOP-5 biggest world lotteries

Do you want to play world lotteries online? See an overview of the largest and most cash ones. These global lotteries have made happy thousands of people worldwide. Do you want to become a millionaire, too? Then play the European and American lotteries, and win big jackpots.

5th place – the Italian lottery SuperEnaLotto is considered to be the most successful and beloved lottery in Europe. It’s easy to win much money with SuperEnaLotto!

4th place – the EuroMillions is lottery European – Euromillions and her daughter – British lottery. They give a huge jackpot and don’t skimp on the secondary prizes. Play European lottery and win Euro!

3rd place – the same millions, just American. This lottery is called MegaMillions because it has Mega jackpots. It’s really MEGA Lottery with MEGA jackpots. It’s easy for playing and winning a lot of money.

2nd place –  the biggest lottery in Brazil. There were 656 million dollars the largest jackpot. All world play Lottery Mega Sena online. You also can do it right now!

1st place and the status of the most ambitious and generous lottery takes PowerBall. Jackpots in PowerBall have no boundaries. They increase to indefinitely until one lucky person will win these billions. It happened in 2016 when the jackpot was amount to 1.56 billion dollars.

Play and win! Become a favorite of fate!


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