TOP 5 winners-losers

A lottery is a chance to win for everyone – smart or loser, businessman or homeless. Sometimes winners give a lot of money to charity, sometimes they blow it all. We found top 5 winners who were very stupid and lost their money.

  1. Denise Rossi won a lottery $1.3 million

broken-heartShe learned about her winning and immediately left her husband. Of course, Denise didn’t say him about the jackpot. A year and a half year, he has come across an information in a newspaper and decided to come to court. Her husband sued her for a large sum of money and won the case.It’s worth noting that it wouldn’t have happened if Denise had told her husband about winnings at the beginning. Because a lucky ticket belonged to Denise.


  1. Americo Lopes, $38 million

teamSeveral colleagues played the lottery in a syndicate. But when their syndicate hit a jackpot, one of them didn’t tell others. His name is Americo Lopes. He screwed his friends to claim the money by himself and left a job. But it didn’t take long. Colleagues have found Americo and sued him for a jackpot.


  1. BigBee “Human Trafficker“, $1 million

stock-illustration-26151909-cartoon-man-in-prisonShe was an ordinary American woman and wanted to lead an easy life. But there were two things she dealt with: $1 million and human trafficking. When BigBee won a jackpot, she bought the most expensive things – cars, new house in Florida, luxury gifts for a friend and her cat. After 2 years, a very rich life has stopped. The woman spent all her money and decided to earn some dollars by selling her…  two-month-old grandson for $75,000. She and mother of the child struck a deal to make some money. But another daughter tried to talk them out of it and then called the police. They both were arrested.

  1. Michael Carrol, $15 million

Trash-Full-iconThere is a popular story about a man who was a dustman before winning a jackpot. He scooped millions when he was 19 years old and years afterward was spending it on luxury cars, girls, alcohol, and drugs. Michael organized noisy parties and he often committed crimes. Eight years later, he went broke – no money, no friends, no job. The rumor had it that Michael returned to his last job, a dustman. Why not? “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” (с)

  1. Arnim Ramdass, $600,000

images (1)Another husband who decided to hide his jackpot from his wife. After receiving a $600,000 win, Arnim didn’t say anything to his wife, dreaming of pools of champagne and strippers in it. But soon his deception was revealed. Whether his wife got a greeting card from the estate agency, where he bought a new house, or he lit up in Google, but she found out about his lies. As a result, Arnim had to leave the city quickly, leaving his wife money and unpaid bills.

Now, you know 5 ways to lose your jackpot. But we think you will find more ways to increase your winning and never think of money shortage.


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