7 Things not to do if you win a jackpot

You won the lottery and ready to take over the world. You can live like a millionaire, but you ought to remember some things about lottery winners. It helps you.


  1. Don’t tell everyone about your win. Of course, your neighbors are very good people, but your life will change, and their lives are not. It may be dangerous. There is just no need to alert everyone you know immediately.
  2. Don’t throw away a ticket. And don’t remove it from the mailbox. Send your contact to organisers.
  3. Are you planning to buy a suitcase to keeping a money? You can choose to get over jackpot up front, or you can choose to receive a payout slowly over the course of a lifetime. Get tips an expert.
  4. Don’t become a sponsor. Of course, you have a lot of relatives who need money to studies / business start-up / self-development / new vacuum cleaner. But it is not necessary to start to help them. Read the next item.
  5. Don’t think you don’t need a budget and you can calculate their expenses on the iPhone calculator. You will make some serious purchases and your lifestyle will be changed forever. Take to work a professional accountant
  6. Don’t turn into a shopaholic, this is a nervous and useless occupation. Think about what you really need and what is just a toy for millionaires. Although if this clock makes you happy – Well Well, take it!
  7. Don’t stop dreaming. There are many cases when people have won the lottery several times. Now you can play for fun, knowing that your bank account is contain already a six-digit sum.

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surprised man under dollar money rain



Psychic’s numbers help to win the jackpot

yazzleA 60 years old man from St. Petersburg (Florida) won the $700,000 jackpot with lucky numbers offered by a psychic. 20 years ago Richard Klosterman and his wife got a psychic’s prediction.

“All of the numbers in some way related to our lives at the time,” told Richard Klosterman to lottery officials. He and his wife have used those numbers on lotteries ever since. So ultimately it helped them to get the prize.

Lucky Klosterman’s numbers were 4, 8, 9, 20 and 12.

Florida Lotto drawings are held twice per week (Wednesdays and Saturdays) at 11:15P.M. EST. You can buy the lottery ticket and try your lucky numbers right now!

New weather’s lottery starts in Australia’s capital cities

Organizers pay out if you correctly predict the weather in Australia’s capital cities.

Australians usually are obsessed with the weather and like to predict it. Now, they able to have fun and help charity organisations.

The Weather Lottery is a charity project and it helps the Mather Hospital Foundation.

Online subscription cost 25 Australian dollars/month. Everyone can win 1 000 000 in case of correctly predicted temperature in own city.

Everyone, who buys the online subscription, can pick a number between 0 and 9 for a 7 days. If the temperature at midday is 76.6 degrees in Sydney, number 6 will be the winner.

Organisers hope that this lottery will provide a good opportunity to get money to those who need it.



Lucky Mayo Farmer Forgets €1 000 000 Ticket in His Car

An Irishman bought a winning Quick Pick ticket worth €1 000 000 and then forgot it in his unlocked car overnight, the National Lottery announced. The Claremorris, Co. Mayo resident went to the Lottery’s Dublin office to claim his prize yesterday.

The lucky absent-minded winner became aware he had struck the prize after hearing that a winning ticket was sold at the store where he had bought his. He immediately went to his car where he had left the ticket since Monday. Upon looking at the numbers he immediately knew he had won.
The man has chosen to remain anonymous, but he is gladly sharing his plans for spending the money. They include a new car, securing his children’s education, and, of course, holidays!123lq2

Wanted: Scotland’s Newest Millionaire

A £3,062,272-worth winning ticket for the National Lottery draw that took place back on 17 December last year hasn’t been claimed yet, Scottish officials announced.

The lucky ticket was bought somewhere in the Stirling area. Lottery players from the vicinity have been asked to double-check their old tickets but no one has come out to collect the prize yet.

Scotland’s newest millionaire has time until mid-June to claim the jackpot and change his or her life forever.
The winning numbers for the lucky draw were: 2, 19, 24, 33, 35, 46 and a bonWantedus number 12.

Bus Driver Wins the Lotto Thanks to Lucky Penny

Couple of days ago, 48-year old British bus driver Sean Lloyd was having what he thought was his regular lunch break, when he saw a coin on the ground in front of a supermarket.

He felt it was a sign of luck so without further ado picked it up and went in to buy a lottery ticket. He rubbed the penny on the ticket and later on that night, he won £1 800 000 from the UK National Lottery quadruple jackpot rollover.
Sean and his wife Melanie say the windfall comes after 20 years of playing the lottery. The happy family and their four children are now ready to make their dreams come true, including building a new family house and splurging on a fleet of super-cars.dollar1