Donald Trump has offered the White House to create an anti-terrorist lottery


If a lottery will transfer 1 cent from every ticket to a national security budget, we would have perfect spies and still have money to spare.

Donald Trump continues to share his idea about National defense. He hopes to get the support of an American people.Trump suggested the White House to strengthen its spy-ring. Trump said that the USA have no professional spies who could struggle against terrorism. He proposed to create “National Security Lottery”, the same big as a PowerBall and get money from it.

“Imagine for a moment, if one cent from every lottery ticket will transfer to national defense? Reasons to buy a ticket would be a lot more, do you agree? “- Donald Trump told. He calls this project the “National Defense Lottery”, and he believes that the profit from a selling of lottery tickets could finance anti-terrorism campaign and it would be a good investment.

Remind that US presidential elections are scheduled for 8 November 2016. Drawings of national American PowerBall lottery is held every Thursdays and Sundays 14:00 AEDT. You can buy PowerBall lottery tickets via online service Today, the jackpot is $ 153 million, and about 5 million will be divided among people who guessed 2-3 or more numbers.


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