Why do we like to read about lotteries winners?

It makes my fantasy draw my best future.

WebLottery corporation usually sends news about lottery winners to newspapers immediately after drawing. And a newspaper publishes it in the next release because it’s interesting for people to read about a big windfall. Why?

It’s because we are happy too when somebody is happy? We like the successful story or  we are glad to hear about others’ luck? You are right in both cases.

Liza Dunn, the professor of psychology, said that reading about winnings help our fantasy imagine our best future. We can imagine the world where we won. What would we do? Would we buy a car? Could we build a new house? Could we afford a good education for our children?

Only the opportunity of getting a jackpot makes people happy. Professor’s research proved that we like to think more about our future benefits than the present. Of course, future with a jackpot is better than a real life at this moment.

Some people want to find a secret of winning and use it in their playing. They think there is a unique formula to win a lottery. As a result, tickets selling is increased in the region where a jackpot was scooped.

The lottery is the safest game in gambling. And your fantasy can help you in life. If we imagine how we quit our damn jobs, maybe we should think about a probability to change it without winning the jackpot?

Do what you like every day with or without jackpot and you will be happy!


Simple ticket brought a man $1 million Mega Millions prize

“When I wanted to purchase my Super Millions ticket, the worker stated he’d inadvertently published a simple pick for another participant (for a child) who did not need the ticket, and questioned whether I needed another ticket or basically desired to purchase it,” said Hopper. “I chose to purchase the easy ticket that had been already published for a child. I’m happy I did solottery-mega-millions.”

Richard Hopper Sr., 69, matched the five white balls drawn — 18, 41, 50, 68, and 70 — in the attracting to earn the 1-million-dollar reward on Friday. He acquired his winning ticket in the Dawn Sunset Celebration Shop, situated at 1009 Huntly Road in Niles.

Thursday morning while Hopper checked his citation, he believed he’d won $100,000.

“When I was looking at the numbers, I recall thinking ‘son, these look not strange,'” said Hopper. “At first I thought I had won $100,000 once I found out I’d truly won $1 million and that I was pleasantly surprised.

Hopper visited Lottery headquarters in Lansing on Saturday to assert his prize. With his earnings, he plans to settle expenses and save the remaining to get a stormy morning.
“It was absolutely the longest weekend I have ever endured.”

PowerBall winner is found!

690x388_0xd42ee42a_3572784411452795881Half a year after having a $1.6 billion Powerball lottery jackpot set files, the owner of the successful ticket purchased at a Chino Hills 7Eleven has finally come forward. Marvin Acosta was declared the winner of the California Lottery on Tuesday. He lived with his wife in Eastvale till last week.

The winner wants “to stay incognito”.

The drawing Jan. 13 brought three winners who split a jackpot. They got more than $500 million each.The winners from Tennessee came forward nearly at once, while the Florida winners didn’t expose themselves for a month.

The California Lottery stated that the Acostas refused a 30-year premium worth $528.8 M before state fees, choosing instead to get a one-time payment of $327.8 M, as the Tennessee and Florida partners did.

The couple is declining requests and all interviews for photos, the lottery officials say. They stated:

“We are thankful and fortunate for the exceptional gift that has been put into our treatment. A team of consultants has guided us to ensure that we could be great stewards of those new sources.While we are extremely grateful for inspiration and your fantastic wishes we’ve acquired, it is not our goal to become public people, and we enjoy our privacy. Thank you.”

The couple, who seemed to be in their mid 40s did not interact with other neighbors. Jimenez said, he found two large vans pack up the house and leave on Friday.They had a two kids, a girl who seemed to be 15 years old, and a boy at the age of 4 or 5, the neighbor Emily said.

She, like different neighbors, was astonished to learn that the lottery was gained by the Acostas.

“I’m happy for them,” mentioned Maria Franco, 67, who claimed she had never spoken to them.

“For having that income I’m so stunned they lived here,” claimed another friend, Josh Schreter.

A strategy in a lottery: How it works.

So, luck or tactic? Fate or strategy? We found a lot of statistics on the internet and made a short review for you.


Is it …a theory?

Is there a probability that numbers you pick will drop? Throw a coin. Then again, and again. What is the probability that coin will drop tails? Low. It is desirable to pick serial numbers 4,5,6 … Moreover, six consecutive numbers are never drop out. According to statistics, the possibility that one of the numbers repeat in the next draw is quite high – 86%. Don’t hurry to choose a completely different numbers for the second drawing.

Analysis and statistics.

If we compare sums of all winning combinations in a lottery, the total number will be not much different. For example,if you play a lottery with numbers from 6 to 45, the sum of the winning numbers always is between 127 and 165. Check your numbers! Is sum the same? It means that you chances to win are really big.

Strategy of games

Okay, numbers are easy for understanding, but what is about a quantity of tickets? There are cases when the jackpot was won by people who bought only one ticket and the first time in their life. But people win jackpots rarely, but they often win prizes 10-20 thousand euros. These “lucky men” usually buy several lines or they make a subscription. You can’t hear about them  on the Internet and TV about it because prizes are not very big. It isn’t a sensation. But you will agree, it is better to win 100 thousand every year than hope to hit a jackpot .

Try different strategies to win big and small sums!

In case you won the lottery, would you stop working? Many people said “No”

As much as 80% of Americans would save the job after a major win. Why?

love-my-job1In accordance with a survey by Adobe Systems Inc. and CareerBuilder, 80% of winners don’t leave their job after winning the lottery.These high percentages have kept over the years: from 1980 to 1993, an average of 73% of workers in the U.S. continued working; from 1994 to 2006, about 68% did the same.

It depends on kind of job they have. “People who have emotionally and economically worthwhile jobs continued working regardless of the sum they gained, while people who worked in low-paying semiskilled or new jobs usually don’t keep working,” states H. Roy Kaplan, the author of a study on almost 600 lottery winners released inside the Diary of Gambling Behaviour.

Winners proceed to work because their careers provide them with a sense of function in living after earning the lottery. “We all want to have something beyond ourselves to keep focused on, and work gives us goals and desire for new achievements,”  according to CareerBuilder. One of a reason they keep working is that people don’t want to concede their post to other workers and believe that they are useful for a company. Some people think life without work is boring.

You can think that sums of winning were not big, but according to statistics, the average sum of the jackpot comprised $3 million. People were able to start their business, but they still continue to work.

What about you? What would you do if you won a jackpot?

Factory’s employee from Middleton won £1m in a lottery – and instantly quit her job

Susan Home, 48 years old, was thinking she gained £1,000, until her son Lee ‘saw six zeros’ in an email message.

winnerA woman from Middleton has scooped a £1m in the National Lottery.

Susan is looking towards the journey to Australia to see her younger daughter and quickly quit her tasks as a factory staff.

Susan, who played the lottery online, found she became a millionaire in the morning – by the beeping of her phone. She said how the alert was dismissed by her as ‘probably another junk email’ – until she read the message.

She thought that she’d gained £1,000 before her child checked her e-mail. She said: “It was like I virtually danced, singing “‘I’m a millionaire, I’m a millionaire!”. I can’t imagine it!”

The jackpot £1,000,000 was scooped by Susan from Saturday’s National Lottery drawing.

Susan asked to check your e-mail by her son. “I saw only three zeros. I’m just so blurry-eyed, and he explained, ‘Mum you’re a millionaire. You have six zeros.’

“I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe it! I then got another e-mail asking me to log in to my on-line National Lottery account. I’ve noticed six zeros and I believed, ‘Wow I’ve acquired £1 million’.

She plans to see her oldest daughter Joanna during a vacation in Australia, but she never dreamed she would do it.

Susan, who has a 28-year-old daughter Natalie, said: “I’ve not seen Joanna since she went travelling last November. I thought I’d be able to visit her so I’ve worked every day, seven days a week so I could save enough money to move.

“Now, thanks to The National Lottery, I have a chance to change my life.’

Susan will buy a new residence for herself and support her son Anthony with purchasing a new house.

“It’s every mother’s wish to help their kids, and also this win just did that. I’ve never considered myself especially fortunate, but now it’s proved that everybody can win.”

Top-10 United States cash value jackpots of all time

get_imgOne thing that you can’t argue with is that American lotteries are the biggest around the world. Why is there too much difference between lotteries of the USA and others? A lot of Americans play lotteries often, and jackpots are increasing more and more. Everyone has a dream, but American dreams come true more often. We’ve found top-10 US cash value jackpots of all time.

  1. Powerball: $1.5864 billion (2016,  California, Florida, Tennessee)
  2. Mega Millions: $656 million (2012, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland)
  3. Powerball: $587.5 million (2012, Arizona, Missouri)
  4. Powerball: $564.1 million (2015, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Texas)
  5. Powerball: $590.5 million (2013, Florida)
  6. Mega Millions: $636 million (2013, California, Georgia)
  7. Mega Millions: $540 million (2016, Indiana)
  8. Powerball: $429.6 million (2016, New Jersey)
  9. Powerball: $448.4 million (2013, Minnesota, New Jersey)
  10. Mega Millions: $380 million (2011, Idaho, Washington)

If you check an average number of Americans playing a lottery, you will undoubtedly be shocked. Americans’ obsession with a lottery is some kind of a new-age gold rush. Some constantly play waiting for their turn to hit the jackpot, while others just try their luck with a random lottery ticket. As a matter of fact, the latter win quite often.

It is a known fact that the more people play a lottery, the bigger the jackpot. It can rise up to hundreds of millions of dollars because lots of Americans try to make a fortune this way. Besides, in comparison with most countries, the jackpot is hit several times a year in the US. That’s why there are so many lottery millionaires there.

Become a millionaire! Play now!