Woman with cancer won two jackpots

Mistika-loterei-hotite-verte-hotite-net_1-625x350They told that you ought to purchase though one lottery ticket in the unlucky day in order to fortune will help, and a balance will be

restored. But if you ill with cancer, any day is unhappy. Or not?  A woman from N. Carolina fighting with mammary cancer 6 years. And one day she won a jackpot twice.

There was a shock after a first win, Gina couldn’t believe it. And two months later she told her husband to take one lottery ticket again. The woman said that she had a good mood and felt “luck”. True, she didn’t think so much.

The second big jackpot that she won was  250 000 dollars. It was such a complete suddenness. “We cannot, cannot believe it!” – says Gina.

Gina learned about the first win in the office, the lottery officially surprised to her. For the second time, she watched the broadcast  and checked her ticket 6 times, because they did not believe her unbelievable luck.

Miracles happen, we must to believe and try, believe and play the global lottery with 58lotto.com


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