Man who survived in a plane crash won $1 million in a lottery

Mohamed-BasheerA touching story happened to 62-year-old man from India. He survived the fall of Boeing in Dubai, and 6 days later he won the lottery of $1 million.

Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar and 300 passengers of the flight EK521 Emirates Airlines have experienced the worst moments when their plane crashed on the runway and burst into flames. He received award from fate winning a huge sum in a lottery, but others didn’t.

Khadar bought a lottery ticket in the Duty Free in Dubai when he was going on vacation with his family. “I used to always do this when I go back home,” he told reporters. He wants to return to India after retirement until which, by the way, only 4 months left. “37 years I worked in the city that I loved – it’s Dubai, but it is time to return home. Fate gave me a second life when I survived. I have got a big cash to live my second life with advantage.”

The winner plans to go to India after retirement and get a job to help the poor people in his hometown in Kerala. He is also going to spend part of the jackpot for good things – healthcare and education for needy Indians.

“Nothing can compare with pleasure to make money with work. And I will continue to work, in spite of winning the lottery,” Khadar said.


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