“You won!” or How pensioner “won” in fake Facebook Lottery

Scammers told her that she won $900,000 in Facebook Lottery. But when an “official”  asked a woman to target her bank details, she have scented a crime.


A woman that called herself a spokeswoman of lottery sent a letter to Isobel MacLaren in Facebook messenger and told her about a jackpot. She said this lottery drawing was held among all users of the social network.

“I registered on Facebook four months ago. I didn’t know about social lotteries, but there was an unbelievable sum of winning.”

The pensioner gave this woman her name, address, email and phone numbers. But when spokeswoman asked Isobel’s bank details and pin code, she doubted. The woman called the police and policeman said that it might be a scam.

“I want to give warning to other people, who can fall for the same fraud,” said Isobel.

The scammer sent her fake accounts and photos of winners. Later, her messages became more aggressive: “Don’t speak about jackpot with your relatives!”, “Nobody must know about your win”, “It breaks the rules of our lottery!”.

The scammer even told that she was “a good Christian” and she couldn’t do harm to her “sister in Christ”.

She became intrusive, but police prevented her: don’t give anyone your bank details.

There are a lot of the same scams in the world. An official lottery will never ask you to transfer some money to get a big jackpot.

You must be very careful and buy lottery tickets only on the safe platform.


Lottery winner swaps your jackpot for drugs

You can call it a joke of fortune, but it’s a true story.

A man from Georgia (USA), 45 years old, can finish his life in a prison. He was charged for illegal trafficking of drugs and firearm. What happened?

Ronnie Music (yes, it’s his name) won $3 million in Georgia Lottery last year and bought a crystal methamphetamine for resale. “He decided to try his luck again and invested a prize in drug sales,” said his attorney. “But it was a very bad investment. He may be sentenced to life imprisonment”.


The long arm of the law has finally taken his business partners with 11 pounds of meth of $500,000 total value. Later, during the search of dwelling, police found drugs, firearms, ammunition rounds and $600,000 in cash in a Ronnie’s house.

Ronnie could live well off with lottery money, but he didn’t. Maybe $3 million is not that much?

Everyone can decide what to do if he won a jackpot. But, to begin with, you must buy a ticket and win!

£10MILLION of winning Lotto tickets unclaimed – why does it happen?

In last weeks, six millionaires didn’t claim their winnings. Someone’s tickets expire tomorrow – read how to check it.

money-transfer_2046774a-largeMore than £10 MILLION of Lottery income is currently lying unclaimed around the country – and some of it is planning to disappear for good within days.
Ten winners have won a £1million and also have yet to come back forward in the past 4 months.
National Lottery players need 180 days to claim gifts on winning tickets, after which the money is given towards the Good Causes fund.
Lottery officials release the location of an unclaimed winning ticket in order to help find the winner.
But there are currently 12 awards altogether, which remain unclaimed.

They include a £1million Lottery ticket obtained on the Isle of Wight (will expire on August 25). It was bought 2 weeks before the draw.
A lottery player can lose £1million jackpot tomorrow, and seven ticket holders will lose a fortune if wouldn’t claim prizes within a month.
If the prize was won by the gamer six months before, the time of claiming would be tomorrow night.

In the last few weeks, six owners of the winning £1 million from UK, Ireland and another city of Europe all have overlooked secondary prizes of EuroMillions.
There are another eight winning millionaires who’ve time to seize their prizes; however, the time is ticking.

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How to win a lottery? 5 useful tips

After big winnings, interest in lottery playing has increased. We collect important tips from a lottery expert Richard Lustig, author of the book Learn how to increase your chances to winning a lottery. We hope that we will use it and win really a major win.

1. Spend less
You needn’t buy a million lottery tickets. Save your salary for other useful things. If you spend as much as you can afford, you will be surprised by your results.

2. No quick pick!
You can choose numbers automatically, but don’t do it. The quick pick is easy. But if you play every time with different numbers, your chances will be low.

3. Don’t use a birthday.
When you use an important date in a lottery ticket, you can choose only numbers from 1 to 31, while there are more figures in a ticket. For example, PowerBall has numbers from 1 to 89. All of them drop approximately with the same frequency.

4. Be persistent

In his book, Lustig says that you must play with the same numbers in every drawing. If we use new figures for each new draw, you start to play from scratch.

5. Play together
Join syndicates! You can increase your chances to win by several times. Yes, you will need to split the winning between all participants, but it’s better than nothing! Choose syndicates that are operated clearly and fairly.

Now you know all about lottery strategy – go and buy a ticket!

Jackpot winner built a fire station in your city

Mark Hill, who scooped $200 million in a PowerBall, donated to building a fire station in Camden (Missouri).

Lottery-Winner-Builds-Fire-Station-screenshot-KMBC-e1468913980448The man from Missouri tried his luck and hit the $200-million jackpot in cash. Mark adopted children, spent some money on a new house and went to traveling. But after he had returned home, he decides to help in building new fire point.

Mark told he was eager to help because firefighters saved his father’s life twice.

“My wife and me have always dreamt to help the city, but we wanted to keep away from the public eye,” Mark said. “I want to thank those brave men, and now that I have some means I can do so.”

The station has already been finished. The official opening is planned for the next month.

Man won lottery twice by using the same numbers

A person named Larry Gambles, has gained the lottery twice in nine years with the same lucky numbers. He won $1,100,000 million in all.

you-do-not-need-win-lottery-pursue-your-dreamsMr Gambles, from Matteson, Illinois – a little town south of Dallas – gained over $1m within the Illinois lottery when his ticket matched all five numbers on 7 June Illinois lotto drawing. He is very lucky in games, maybe, thanks to his name, and it’s not his first winning.

“Nine years back, I acquired $50,000 playing the same numbers from the tops of my high-school basketball staff,” the 65-year-old informed the Lottery when showing his winning ticket. “It’s unbelievable, they paid off again!”.

The worker verified his ticket and Mr Gambles went home in order to share this nice news with his family.

“My family didn’t believe that I got a prize again” Larry told.

Mr Gambles work administrator at the school. He has lived in Matteson for 20 years and have been playing basketball all this time. He says he wants to share his prize with friends and family.

When questioned what advice he has for other lottery players, he said, “Pick your lucky numbers,” and explained, “It worked for me!”

The Illinois lottery employs 24 percent of its proceeds – $690m each year – to HIV/AIDS prevention, recovering breast cancer and support for veterans.

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Why do we like to read about lotteries winners?

It makes my fantasy draw my best future.

WebLottery corporation usually sends news about lottery winners to newspapers immediately after drawing. And a newspaper publishes it in the next release because it’s interesting for people to read about a big windfall. Why?

It’s because we are happy too when somebody is happy? We like the successful story or  we are glad to hear about others’ luck? You are right in both cases.

Liza Dunn, the professor of psychology, said that reading about winnings help our fantasy imagine our best future. We can imagine the world where we won. What would we do? Would we buy a car? Could we build a new house? Could we afford a good education for our children?

Only the opportunity of getting a jackpot makes people happy. Professor’s research proved that we like to think more about our future benefits than the present. Of course, future with a jackpot is better than a real life at this moment.

Some people want to find a secret of winning and use it in their playing. They think there is a unique formula to win a lottery. As a result, tickets selling is increased in the region where a jackpot was scooped.

The lottery is the safest game in gambling. And your fantasy can help you in life. If we imagine how we quit our damn jobs, maybe we should think about a probability to change it without winning the jackpot?

Do what you like every day with or without jackpot and you will be happy!