Woman bought a milk and won $20 million

1297860649935_ORIGINALBogumila Mroczkowski usually buys a milk and doesn’t buy lottery tickets. But once, she has bought milk and a 6/49 lottery ticket. It was spontaneous purchase. Then, after drawing morning, she checked a ticket and found out about her win. Bogumila won  a jackpot of almost $21 million!

“I asked my husband to check the ticket again. We were checking it about 20 times before getting our winning,” told Bogumila.

The woman wants to spend her money in order to help a family, buy a new house and go traveling.

She is still thinking what to spend her prize on.

Bogumila won on 30 June but claimed your money this week. ‘I felt all emotions  – confusion, fear, happy, disbelief – I felt everything!”.
You have to guess 6 numbers from 1 to 49 to win a 6/49 lottery. Drawings are held twice a week every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:30P.M. This lottery is easy to play and win – you must pick only 6 figures without additional balls – and you can become a millionaire!


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