Lottery syndicates usually win often. Why?

A family syndicate from Welsh won a jackpot of $61 million in National Lottery on Friday. 29 July. This syndicate consists of Stephanie Davies, 23, her boyfriend Steve Powell, 30, her sister Courtney, 19, their mum Sonia, 53, and Sonia’s partner Keith Reynolds, 55. They came forward this week. Syndicates from around the world won often than singular players. Why?

12795372-1.jpg.galleryA lottery syndicate is a group of people who unite in alliance in order to increase their chances to win.

They buy lottery tickets and play together. Of course, they will have to split the jackpot between each others, but it’s really a big chance to win together.

Since a launch of lottery games, a lot of people played and won in syndicates. Why is it more profitable to play in the syndicate than alone?

Firstly, you will buy 1-2 tickets, but you will play with 100 tickets in the syndicate.

Secondly, you will do it free! You just pay for your two tickets, but can win a jackpot with all 100 tickets (100 or more tickets – it depends on the size of a syndicate).

Your chances to win increase to 1:130,000. At the same time, you pay for 100 tickets as much as for only two tickets. As a result, you get 98 tickets for free! And, in case of winning, a jackpot will be split between all participants of a syndicate, but it’s really big sums of money – sometimes it’s several million dollars for a person.

How to choose a good lottery syndicate.

  1. Inquire your relatives or colleagues. Maybe they already play in a syndicate. It will be better to play with your friends.
  2. Search running syndicates on lottery platforms. Check for suitable conditions (some syndicates play once a month, others every day – choose more comfortable rules for you). Use the big and safe syndicates on the 58lotto’s site
  3. Create your own syndicate with your rules. It can be difficult to manage it by yourself (searching for participants, extracting a money etc.), but you will be able to choose your favorite lotteries and play by your rules.

You can play any syndicates, but we wish you to win and have fun!


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