“You won!” or How pensioner “won” in fake Facebook Lottery

Scammers told her that she won $900,000 in Facebook Lottery. But when an “official”  asked a woman to target her bank details, she have scented a crime.


A woman that called herself a spokeswoman of lottery sent a letter to Isobel MacLaren in Facebook messenger and told her about a jackpot. She said this lottery drawing was held among all users of the social network.

“I registered on Facebook four months ago. I didn’t know about social lotteries, but there was an unbelievable sum of winning.”

The pensioner gave this woman her name, address, email and phone numbers. But when spokeswoman asked Isobel’s bank details and pin code, she doubted. The woman called the police and policeman said that it might be a scam.

“I want to give warning to other people, who can fall for the same fraud,” said Isobel.

The scammer sent her fake accounts and photos of winners. Later, her messages became more aggressive: “Don’t speak about jackpot with your relatives!”, “Nobody must know about your win”, “It breaks the rules of our lottery!”.

The scammer even told that she was “a good Christian” and she couldn’t do harm to her “sister in Christ”.

She became intrusive, but police prevented her: don’t give anyone your bank details.

There are a lot of the same scams in the world. An official lottery will never ask you to transfer some money to get a big jackpot.

You must be very careful and buy lottery tickets only on the safe platform.


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