Lottery winner swaps your jackpot for drugs

You can call it a joke of fortune, but it’s a true story.

A man from Georgia (USA), 45 years old, can finish his life in a prison. He was charged for illegal trafficking of drugs and firearm. What happened?

Ronnie Music (yes, it’s his name) won $3 million in Georgia Lottery last year and bought a crystal methamphetamine for resale. “He decided to try his luck again and invested a prize in drug sales,” said his attorney. “But it was a very bad investment. He may be sentenced to life imprisonment”.


The long arm of the law has finally taken his business partners with 11 pounds of meth of $500,000 total value. Later, during the search of dwelling, police found drugs, firearms, ammunition rounds and $600,000 in cash in a Ronnie’s house.

Ronnie could live well off with lottery money, but he didn’t. Maybe $3 million is not that much?

Everyone can decide what to do if he won a jackpot. But, to begin with, you must buy a ticket and win!


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