£10MILLION of winning Lotto tickets unclaimed – why does it happen?

In last weeks, six millionaires didn’t claim their winnings. Someone’s tickets expire tomorrow – read how to check it.

money-transfer_2046774a-largeMore than £10 MILLION of Lottery income is currently lying unclaimed around the country – and some of it is planning to disappear for good within days.
Ten winners have won a £1million and also have yet to come back forward in the past 4 months.
National Lottery players need 180 days to claim gifts on winning tickets, after which the money is given towards the Good Causes fund.
Lottery officials release the location of an unclaimed winning ticket in order to help find the winner.
But there are currently 12 awards altogether, which remain unclaimed.

They include a £1million Lottery ticket obtained on the Isle of Wight (will expire on August 25). It was bought 2 weeks before the draw.
A lottery player can lose £1million jackpot tomorrow, and seven ticket holders will lose a fortune if wouldn’t claim prizes within a month.
If the prize was won by the gamer six months before, the time of claiming would be tomorrow night.

In the last few weeks, six owners of the winning £1 million from UK, Ireland and another city of Europe all have overlooked secondary prizes of EuroMillions.
There are another eight winning millionaires who’ve time to seize their prizes; however, the time is ticking.

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