How to win a lottery? 5 useful tips

After big winnings, interest in lottery playing has increased. We collect important tips from a lottery expert Richard Lustig, author of the book Learn how to increase your chances to winning a lottery. We hope that we will use it and win really a major win.

1. Spend less
You needn’t buy a million lottery tickets. Save your salary for other useful things. If you spend as much as you can afford, you will be surprised by your results.

2. No quick pick!
You can choose numbers automatically, but don’t do it. The quick pick is easy. But if you play every time with different numbers, your chances will be low.

3. Don’t use a birthday.
When you use an important date in a lottery ticket, you can choose only numbers from 1 to 31, while there are more figures in a ticket. For example, PowerBall has numbers from 1 to 89. All of them drop approximately with the same frequency.

4. Be persistent

In his book, Lustig says that you must play with the same numbers in every drawing. If we use new figures for each new draw, you start to play from scratch.

5. Play together
Join syndicates! You can increase your chances to win by several times. Yes, you will need to split the winning between all participants, but it’s better than nothing! Choose syndicates that are operated clearly and fairly.

Now you know all about lottery strategy – go and buy a ticket!


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