Man won lottery twice by using the same numbers

A person named Larry Gambles, has gained the lottery twice in nine years with the same lucky numbers. He won $1,100,000 million in all.

you-do-not-need-win-lottery-pursue-your-dreamsMr Gambles, from Matteson, Illinois – a little town south of Dallas – gained over $1m within the Illinois lottery when his ticket matched all five numbers on 7 June Illinois lotto drawing. He is very lucky in games, maybe, thanks to his name, and it’s not his first winning.

“Nine years back, I acquired $50,000 playing the same numbers from the tops of my high-school basketball staff,” the 65-year-old informed the Lottery when showing his winning ticket. “It’s unbelievable, they paid off again!”.

The worker verified his ticket and Mr Gambles went home in order to share this nice news with his family.

“My family didn’t believe that I got a prize again” Larry told.

Mr Gambles work administrator at the school. He has lived in Matteson for 20 years and have been playing basketball all this time. He says he wants to share his prize with friends and family.

When questioned what advice he has for other lottery players, he said, “Pick your lucky numbers,” and explained, “It worked for me!”

The Illinois lottery employs 24 percent of its proceeds – $690m each year – to HIV/AIDS prevention, recovering breast cancer and support for veterans.

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