Why do we like to read about lotteries winners?

It makes my fantasy draw my best future.

WebLottery corporation usually sends news about lottery winners to newspapers immediately after drawing. And a newspaper publishes it in the next release because it’s interesting for people to read about a big windfall. Why?

It’s because we are happy too when somebody is happy? We like the successful story or  we are glad to hear about others’ luck? You are right in both cases.

Liza Dunn, the professor of psychology, said that reading about winnings help our fantasy imagine our best future. We can imagine the world where we won. What would we do? Would we buy a car? Could we build a new house? Could we afford a good education for our children?

Only the opportunity of getting a jackpot makes people happy. Professor’s research proved that we like to think more about our future benefits than the present. Of course, future with a jackpot is better than a real life at this moment.

Some people want to find a secret of winning and use it in their playing. They think there is a unique formula to win a lottery. As a result, tickets selling is increased in the region where a jackpot was scooped.

The lottery is the safest game in gambling. And your fantasy can help you in life. If we imagine how we quit our damn jobs, maybe we should think about a probability to change it without winning the jackpot?

Do what you like every day with or without jackpot and you will be happy!


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