PowerBall winner is found!

690x388_0xd42ee42a_3572784411452795881Half a year after having a $1.6 billion Powerball lottery jackpot set files, the owner of the successful ticket purchased at a Chino Hills 7Eleven has finally come forward. Marvin Acosta was declared the winner of the California Lottery on Tuesday. He lived with his wife in Eastvale till last week.

The winner wants “to stay incognito”.

The drawing Jan. 13 brought three winners who split a jackpot. They got more than $500 million each.The winners from Tennessee came forward nearly at once, while the Florida winners didn’t expose themselves for a month.

The California Lottery stated that the Acostas refused a 30-year premium worth $528.8 M before state fees, choosing instead to get a one-time payment of $327.8 M, as the Tennessee and Florida partners did.

The couple is declining requests and all interviews for photos, the lottery officials say. They stated:

“We are thankful and fortunate for the exceptional gift that has been put into our treatment. A team of consultants has guided us to ensure that we could be great stewards of those new sources.While we are extremely grateful for inspiration and your fantastic wishes we’ve acquired, it is not our goal to become public people, and we enjoy our privacy. Thank you.”

The couple, who seemed to be in their mid 40s did not interact with other neighbors. Jimenez said, he found two large vans pack up the house and leave on Friday.They had a two kids, a girl who seemed to be 15 years old, and a boy at the age of 4 or 5, the neighbor Emily said.

She, like different neighbors, was astonished to learn that the lottery was gained by the Acostas.

“I’m happy for them,” mentioned Maria Franco, 67, who claimed she had never spoken to them.

“For having that income I’m so stunned they lived here,” claimed another friend, Josh Schreter.


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