A strategy in a lottery: How it works.

So, luck or tactic? Fate or strategy? We found a lot of statistics on the internet and made a short review for you.


Is it …a theory?

Is there a probability that numbers you pick will drop? Throw a coin. Then again, and again. What is the probability that coin will drop tails? Low. It is desirable to pick serial numbers 4,5,6 … Moreover, six consecutive numbers are never drop out. According to statistics, the possibility that one of the numbers repeat in the next draw is quite high – 86%. Don’t hurry to choose a completely different numbers for the second drawing.

Analysis and statistics.

If we compare sums of all winning combinations in a lottery, the total number will be not much different. For example,if you play a lottery with numbers from 6 to 45, the sum of the winning numbers always is between 127 and 165. Check your numbers! Is sum the same? It means that you chances to win are really big.

Strategy of games

Okay, numbers are easy for understanding, but what is about a quantity of tickets? There are cases when the jackpot was won by people who bought only one ticket and the first time in their life. But people win jackpots rarely, but they often win prizes 10-20 thousand euros. These “lucky men” usually buy several lines or they make a subscription. You can’t hear about them  on the Internet and TV about it because prizes are not very big. It isn’t a sensation. But you will agree, it is better to win 100 thousand every year than hope to hit a jackpot .

Try different strategies to win big and small sums!


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