In case you won the lottery, would you stop working? Many people said “No”

As much as 80% of Americans would save the job after a major win. Why?

love-my-job1In accordance with a survey by Adobe Systems Inc. and CareerBuilder, 80% of winners don’t leave their job after winning the lottery.These high percentages have kept over the years: from 1980 to 1993, an average of 73% of workers in the U.S. continued working; from 1994 to 2006, about 68% did the same.

It depends on kind of job they have. “People who have emotionally and economically worthwhile jobs continued working regardless of the sum they gained, while people who worked in low-paying semiskilled or new jobs usually don’t keep working,” states H. Roy Kaplan, the author of a study on almost 600 lottery winners released inside the Diary of Gambling Behaviour.

Winners proceed to work because their careers provide them with a sense of function in living after earning the lottery. “We all want to have something beyond ourselves to keep focused on, and work gives us goals and desire for new achievements,”  according to CareerBuilder. One of a reason they keep working is that people don’t want to concede their post to other workers and believe that they are useful for a company. Some people think life without work is boring.

You can think that sums of winning were not big, but according to statistics, the average sum of the jackpot comprised $3 million. People were able to start their business, but they still continue to work.

What about you? What would you do if you won a jackpot?


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