Factory’s employee from Middleton won £1m in a lottery – and instantly quit her job

Susan Home, 48 years old, was thinking she gained £1,000, until her son Lee ‘saw six zeros’ in an email message.

winnerA woman from Middleton has scooped a £1m in the National Lottery.

Susan is looking towards the journey to Australia to see her younger daughter and quickly quit her tasks as a factory staff.

Susan, who played the lottery online, found she became a millionaire in the morning – by the beeping of her phone. She said how the alert was dismissed by her as ‘probably another junk email’ – until she read the message.

She thought that she’d gained £1,000 before her child checked her e-mail. She said: “It was like I virtually danced, singing “‘I’m a millionaire, I’m a millionaire!”. I can’t imagine it!”

The jackpot £1,000,000 was scooped by Susan from Saturday’s National Lottery drawing.

Susan asked to check your e-mail by her son. “I saw only three zeros. I’m just so blurry-eyed, and he explained, ‘Mum you’re a millionaire. You have six zeros.’

“I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe it! I then got another e-mail asking me to log in to my on-line National Lottery account. I’ve noticed six zeros and I believed, ‘Wow I’ve acquired £1 million’.

She plans to see her oldest daughter Joanna during a vacation in Australia, but she never dreamed she would do it.

Susan, who has a 28-year-old daughter Natalie, said: “I’ve not seen Joanna since she went travelling last November. I thought I’d be able to visit her so I’ve worked every day, seven days a week so I could save enough money to move.

“Now, thanks to The National Lottery, I have a chance to change my life.’

Susan will buy a new residence for herself and support her son Anthony with purchasing a new house.

“It’s every mother’s wish to help their kids, and also this win just did that. I’ve never considered myself especially fortunate, but now it’s proved that everybody can win.”


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