Top-10 United States cash value jackpots of all time

get_imgOne thing that you can’t argue with is that American lotteries are the biggest around the world. Why is there too much difference between lotteries of the USA and others? A lot of Americans play lotteries often, and jackpots are increasing more and more. Everyone has a dream, but American dreams come true more often. We’ve found top-10 US cash value jackpots of all time.

  1. Powerball: $1.5864 billion (2016,  California, Florida, Tennessee)
  2. Mega Millions: $656 million (2012, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland)
  3. Powerball: $587.5 million (2012, Arizona, Missouri)
  4. Powerball: $564.1 million (2015, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Texas)
  5. Powerball: $590.5 million (2013, Florida)
  6. Mega Millions: $636 million (2013, California, Georgia)
  7. Mega Millions: $540 million (2016, Indiana)
  8. Powerball: $429.6 million (2016, New Jersey)
  9. Powerball: $448.4 million (2013, Minnesota, New Jersey)
  10. Mega Millions: $380 million (2011, Idaho, Washington)

If you check an average number of Americans playing a lottery, you will undoubtedly be shocked. Americans’ obsession with a lottery is some kind of a new-age gold rush. Some constantly play waiting for their turn to hit the jackpot, while others just try their luck with a random lottery ticket. As a matter of fact, the latter win quite often.

It is a known fact that the more people play a lottery, the bigger the jackpot. It can rise up to hundreds of millions of dollars because lots of Americans try to make a fortune this way. Besides, in comparison with most countries, the jackpot is hit several times a year in the US. That’s why there are so many lottery millionaires there.

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