Farrier from Minnesota won $1m Powerball prize

Horseshoes have been getting a regular revenue for a long time to Yanish. Once the fortune that the horseshoe signifies brought a $1 million jackpot to him.

2016060601A farrier who lives only northwest of the Twin Towns in Litchfield, Yanish, gained the $1 million reward on an “impulse-purchase” he made in St. Cloud in a Casey’s Normal Shop.

“I chose to purchase two tickets in the last second and had an additional few dollars,” he explained.

Yanish, 33, found his win a few days after the May 14 drawing, after he had read online that a $1 million ticket was sold at that same Casey’s Store.

“I was worried,” he said, once he compared winnings numbers of his tickets. “My wife thought that our relative had died!”

The couple got their prize at Minnesota Lottery headquarters in Roseville. They said that they planned to pay their debts off, including their mortgage. Additionally, they want to give some money for charity as well as travel.

PowerBall winning numbers from drawing May 14 were 27, 47, 64, 65 and 13. Yanish matched it. If he had guessed the sixth ball, he would have won $200m.

This is the third one-million-dollar Powerball prize since 2013 lucky people of Minnesota have gained.


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