Fun facts about world’s lotteries

history-lotteryThe Great Wall of China was built with national lottery funds. In the year 213 BC lotteries were very original: everyone passed the money to a general treasury and then a dove with a special mark was released into the city. When the dove landed on a house – the owner of the house became the winner.

Leaders of many cities used lottery for a public benefit. For example, in the USA such well-known universities as Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University and Columbia University were established on raised lottery money, as well as Sydney Opera House. The Australian Government is very favorable for the lotteries. There is nothing strange about it, as because of the lotteries the local budget is replenished with three million dollars every year.

Here is a handy idea by unknown author: in small Russian town a lottery was held on tram tickets. At the end, transporters found out that their usual profit margin from tram tickets sales increased by three times.

According to statistics, more than 60 percent of Europeans play lotteries. Germans are the most generous consumers – they spend some 800 dollars yearly. British people are also generous, they spend 150 dollars per year. As for Russians and Ukrainians, mostly they do not spend even a dollar – just 70 cents.

Lottery players have ticket-buying traditions: do not buy tickets on debts, but one may buy them on a bad day, when for Fortune to recoup troubles by wins.

The first official lottery in Russia was held in 1929. It was organized to overcome alcoholism in the country. Books were printed as prizes. Some 2 million tickets were produced.


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