7 Things not to do if you win a jackpot

You won the lottery and ready to take over the world. You can live like a millionaire, but you ought to remember some things about lottery winners. It helps you.


  1. Don’t tell everyone about your win. Of course, your neighbors are very good people, but your life will change, and their lives are not. It may be dangerous. There is just no need to alert everyone you know immediately.
  2. Don’t throw away a ticket. And don’t remove it from the mailbox. Send your contact to organisers.
  3. Are you planning to buy a suitcase to keeping a money? You can choose to get over jackpot up front, or you can choose to receive a payout slowly over the course of a lifetime. Get tips an expert.
  4. Don’t become a sponsor. Of course, you have a lot of relatives who need money to studies / business start-up / self-development / new vacuum cleaner. But it is not necessary to start to help them. Read the next item.
  5. Don’t think you don’t need a budget and you can calculate their expenses on the iPhone calculator. You will make some serious purchases and your lifestyle will be changed forever. Take to work a professional accountant
  6. Don’t turn into a shopaholic, this is a nervous and useless occupation. Think about what you really need and what is just a toy for millionaires. Although if this clock makes you happy – Well Well, take it!
  7. Don’t stop dreaming. There are many cases when people have won the lottery several times. Now you can play for fun, knowing that your bank account is contain already a six-digit sum.

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surprised man under dollar money rain



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